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the tamping of tobacco in his pipe. Then he raised his eyes
suddenly to gaze straight across at Mr. Munn. "Yes," he
repeated, "they found him. Some kids out prowling round
with their -a's looked down in the old quarry. They saw
him caught in the cat-tails."

Mr. Munn's hands were gripping the edge of the table.

"They ran all the way to town," Doctor MacDonald
went on.

No one spoke for a minute. Doctor MacDonald continued
to gaze straight across the lighted area of white tablecloth at
Mr. Munn's face.

Mr. Christian scraped his chair back a little. "Perse," he
demanded, "you got any more coffee?"

Mr. Munn went to the door to the pantry and called "for
another cup of coffee. He returned to the table and resumed
his seat. The negro woman brought the coffee and, at a ges-
ture from Mr. Munn, set it before Mr. Christian. Mr. Chris-
tian took a long draught of it, then set the cup down clat-

He said: " Perse, when you gonna come out and hunt birds
with rne, huh? You're coming soon, ain't you? When the
season opens up?"

"Yes," Mr. Munn answered.

"You better come soon, now. Yeah, you come out, and
we'll crack down on them birds, now."


" And that Miss Sukie Perkins I got, she's shore as smart
a coon dog as you ever laid eyes on."